Commit 04564cfb authored by Maximilien Colange's avatar Maximilien Colange

Improve the way Makefile calls ocamlbuild.

parent 3d577242
......@@ -14,13 +14,15 @@ CXX_FLAGS=-std=c++11 -O3 -DNDEBUG @TIAMO_MACROS@ -I$(UTAP_INCLUDEDIR) -I@abs_top
XML_LINK_FLAGS=$(foreach i,$(XML_LIBS),-cclib $i)
SUFFIXES = .native .ml
all-local: tiamo
tiamo: src/main.native
cp `readlink -f $(BUILDDIR)/src/main.native` tiamo
cp `readlink -f $(BUILDDIR)/$<` tiamo
CXX_FLAGS="$(CXX_FLAGS)" $(OCAMLBUILD) -cflags "-noassert -I $(INCLUDEDIR)" -lflags "$(INCLUDEDIR)/udbml.cmxa $(UTAP_LIB) $(XML_LINK_FLAGS) -cclib -L$(INCLUDEDIR)" $@
CXX_FLAGS="$(CXX_FLAGS)" $(OCAMLBUILD) -cflags "-I $(INCLUDEDIR)" -lflags "$(INCLUDEDIR)/udbml.cmxa $(UTAP_LIB) $(XML_LINK_FLAGS) -cclib -L$(INCLUDEDIR)" $@
$(OCAMLBUILD) -clean
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