Commit 84a2fc7f authored by Maximilien Colange's avatar Maximilien Colange

Remove the option to automatically bound the input automaton.

parent 423341f7
......@@ -143,11 +143,6 @@ struct
Arg.Unit (function () -> Costs.enable_cora := true),
" Enable CORA-syntax support for priced models (not activated by default)");
( "-mbounded",
Arg.Unit (function () -> do_bound := true),
" Use the (global M)-bounded version of the input automaton.
\tThis induces a performance hit, but guarantees termination of algorithms when you are not sure whether the input automaton is bounded or not.");
( "-order",
Arg.String (function
| "BFS" -> walk_order := (module Waiting.Walk_BFS : PARTIAL_WO)
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