Commit d1311e43 authored by Maximilien Colange's avatar Maximilien Colange

Small refactoring.

parent 1ec44203
......@@ -643,6 +643,7 @@ struct
let _lubounds ta state =
let n = VarContext.size ta.clocks in
let lb, ub = Array.make n 0, Array.make n 0 in
let eval = eval_exp ta state.stateVars in
for cl=0 to n-1 do
let lexpr, uexpr = Array.fold_left
(fun (lacc, uacc) loc ->
......@@ -652,8 +653,8 @@ struct
(* instantiate found expressions, and retain only the maximal constant *)
let lcst, ucst =
simplify_max ( (fun e -> eval_exp ta state.stateVars e) lexpr),
simplify_max ( (fun e -> eval_exp ta state.stateVars e) uexpr)
simplify_max ( eval lexpr),
simplify_max ( eval uexpr)
match lcst with
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