Commit 705d7b54 authored by Adrien KOUTSOS's avatar Adrien KOUTSOS

added pretty printing functions for guarded processes and for if_tree

parent 52de3095
let VoterA sksig v pk =
new r.
let ballot = enc(v,r,pk) in
out(ca, <ballot,sign(ballot, sksig)>);
let VoterB sksig v pk =
new r.
let ballot = enc(v,r,pk) in
out(cb, <ballot,sign(ballot, sksig)>);
let Outcome v1 v2 v3 sk =
if EQ(v1,v2) then
else if EQ(v1,v3) then
else if EQ(v2,v3) then
let res1 = dec(v1,sk) in
let res2 = dec(v2,sk) in
let res3 = dec(v3,sk) in
let acount = count(A(),res1,res2,res3) in
let bcount = count(B(),res1,res2,res3) in
let SubTally{i} v1 v2 v3 bv1 bv2 pksig1 pksig2 pksig3 sk =
in(c, x).
if EQ(checksig(pi1(x),pi2(x),pksig1),sigok()) then
(pi1(x)) v2 v3
(A()) bv2
pksig1 pksig2 pksig3 sk)
else if EQ(checksig(pi1(x),pi2(x),pksig2),sigok()) then
v1 (pi1(x)) v3
bv1 (B())
pksig1 pksig2 pksig3 sk)
else if EQ(checksig(pi1(x),pi2(x),pksig3),sigok()) then
v1 v2 (pi1(x))
bv1 bv2
pksig1 pksig2 pksig3 sk)
(SubTally{i-1} v1 v2 v3 bv1 bv2 pksig1 pksig2 pksig3 sk);
let SubTally{0} v1 v2 v3 bv1 bv2 pksig1 pksig2 pksig3 sk =
if EQ(bv1,A()) then
(if EQ(bv2,B()) then
(Outcome v1 v2 v3 sk)
let P vc1 vc2 =
new n.
let pk = pk(n) in
let sk = sk(n) in
new nksig1.
new nksig2.
new nksig3.
let sksig1 = sksig(nksig1) in
let pksig1 = pksig(nksig1) in
let sksig2 = sksig(nksig2) in
let pksig2 = pksig(nksig2) in
let sksig3 = sksig(nksig3) in
let pksig3 = pksig(nksig3) in
((VoterA sksig1 vc1 pk) | (VoterB sksig2 vc2 pk)
| (SubTally{1} (N()) (N()) (N()) (C()) (C()) pksig1 pksig2 pksig3 sk));
goal: P (A()) (B()) ~ P (B()) (A())
......@@ -364,6 +364,34 @@ type guard =
| Conj of boole term * guard
| NConj of boole term * guard
let rec print_guard ppf g =
let open Fmt in
let ident = fun ppf s -> pf ppf "%s" s in
match g with
| NilGuard -> print_term ppf True
| Guard b -> pf ppf "@[%a@]" print_term b
| NGuard b ->
pf ppf "@[%a %a@]"
(styled `Bold ident) "not"
print_term b
| Conj (b,g') -> ppf "@[%a(%a,@ %a)@]"
(styled `Bold ident) "and"
print_term b
print_guard g'
| NConj (b,g') -> ppf "@[%a(%a %a,@ %a)@]"
(styled `Bold ident) "and"
(styled `Bold ident) "not"
print_term b
print_guard g'
(* (g,p) is should be interpreted as IfThenElse(g,p,Nil) (generalizing the
IfThenElse constructor to guards). *)
type guarded_process = guard * concrete process
......@@ -694,7 +722,6 @@ type action = | AIn of channel
| AOut of channel
let available_actions gp_list =
let actions =
(fun acc guarded_process -> match guarded_process with
......@@ -738,6 +765,23 @@ type if_tree =
| Node of guard * if_tree * if_tree
| Leave of msg term
let rec print_if_tree ppf tree =
let open Fmt in
let ident ppf s = pf ppf "%s" s in
let kw style = (styled style ident) in
match tree with
| Leave t -> print_term ppf t
| Node (g,t1,t2) ->
pf ppf "@[<hv>%a (@[%a@]) %a@;<1 2>@[%a@]@ %a@ @[%a@]@]"
(kw `Red) "if"
print_guard g
(kw `Red) "then"
print_if_tree t1
(kw `Red) "else"
print_if_tree t2
let rec i_tree_depth = function
| Leave _ -> 1
| Node (_,i,i') -> 1 + max (i_tree_depth i) (i_tree_depth i')
......@@ -836,16 +880,9 @@ let apply_action action configuration env map_fresh side =
let sorted_gp_list = sort_gp_list configuration.gp_list
and frame = configuration.frame in
Printf.eprintf "aa %d %d%!" (List.length frame) (List.length sorted_gp_list);
let cpt3 = ref 0 in
let (new_gp_list, itree, map_fresh') =
(fun (acc_gp_list, partial_itree, map) g_process ->
Printf.eprintf "aa %d%!" !cpt3;
cpt3 := !cpt3 + 1;
match g_process,action with
| (g, In (Public c, s, p)), AIn cp when Public c = cp ->
let (adv_term,map_fresh') =
......@@ -880,24 +917,20 @@ let apply_action action configuration env map_fresh side =
(acc_gp_list', partial_itree', map_fresh')
| _ -> (g_process :: acc_gp_list, partial_itree, map_fresh))
| (_, In _), _ | (_, Out _), _ ->
(g_process :: acc_gp_list, partial_itree, map_fresh)
| _ -> assert false)
([], Leave (Fun ("silence",[])), map_fresh)
sorted_gp_list in
Printf.eprintf "before term itree %d %d\n %!" (i_tree_size itree)
(i_tree_depth itree);
let outputed_term = term_from_itree itree in
Printf.eprintf "bb\n %!";
(* We weakly normalize the outputed term. *)
let norm_outputed_term =
weak_normalize env outputed_term in
Printf.eprintf "aa wn %!";
(* We define the new frame variable phi', and bind it in the environement. *)
let i = List.length configuration.frame in
let (var_phi', map_fresh'') =
......@@ -908,8 +941,6 @@ let apply_action action configuration env map_fresh side =
Hashtbl.add env.t_bindings var_phi' term_phi';
Hashtbl.add env.hide_bindings var_phi' false;
Printf.eprintf "aa ne %!";
let phi' = Var (var_phi',Msg) in
( { gp_list = new_gp_list;
......@@ -945,32 +976,20 @@ let get_actions_por left_configuration right_configuration =
let cpt = ref 0;;
(* Apply one step of the folding algorithm *)
let fold left_configuration right_configuration env map_fresh =
let por_actions = get_actions_por left_configuration right_configuration in
Printf.eprintf "fold %d: %d\n\n%!" !cpt (List.length por_actions);
cpt := !cpt + 1;
let cpt2 = ref 0 in
(fun acc action ->
(* Environement are updated in place, so we need to make a copy for
each action. *)
let env' = copy_env env in
Printf.eprintf "fold2 %d %!" !cpt2;
cpt2 := !cpt2 + 1;
let (new_left_configuration, map_fresh') =
apply_action action left_configuration env' map_fresh Left in
Printf.eprintf "l %!" ;
let (new_right_configuration, map_fresh'') =
apply_action action right_configuration env' map_fresh' Right in
Printf.eprintf "r %!" ;
( new_left_configuration, new_right_configuration, env', map_fresh'')
:: acc )
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