Commit 015c49e7 authored by Sylvain Schmitz's avatar Sylvain Schmitz

fix which benchmarks to include

parent 5d04cc7a
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ all: chord.pdf
numqueries: ../tex/benchmarks-all-full.xml $(wildcard ../../benchmark/*-axis-step.xml) $(wildcard ../../benchmark/*-full.xml)
grep '<ast' `grep 'href' $< | sed -e 's/.*href="\([^"]*\).*/\1/'` | wc -l > $@
grep '<ast' `grep 'type=\("xslt"\|"xquery"\)' $< | sed -e 's/.*href="\([^"]*\).*/\1/'` | wc -l > $@
site/matrix.json: ../../xslt/matrix.xsl build.xml index.html numqueries xpp.css render.js lang-xpath.js prettify.css $(wildcard ../../benchmark/*-full.xml)
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