Commit 53bd1933 authored by Sylvain Schmitz's avatar Sylvain Schmitz

export total numbers

parent fb898438
......@@ -275,6 +275,8 @@ open STD,">","countfuns_${suffix}_std.dat"
or die "Cannot open countfuns_${suffix}_std.dat!\n";
open NONSTD,">","countfuns_${suffix}_nonstd.dat"
or die "Cannot open countfuns_${suffix}_nonstd.dat!\n";
open TOTAL,">","countfuns_${suffix}_total.tex"
or die "Cannot open countfuns_${suffix}_total.tex!\n";
$n=0; # rank of current function (decr. order)
$sofar=0; # total nb of occ. so far
$sofar_std=0; # total nb of occ. of std funs so far
......@@ -304,3 +306,5 @@ for $fname (sort { $table{$b} <=> $table{$a} } keys %table) {
print NONSTD "$n $table{$fname}\n";
$locale_nbfuns = reverse join ',', unpack '(A3)*', reverse $nbfuns;
print TOTAL ("$locale_nbfuns");
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