Commit 6b0fdede authored by Sylvain Schmitz's avatar Sylvain Schmitz

missing ~

parent eb70faff
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ done
minpercent=`echo "scale=2; 100*$min/$total" | bc`
maxpercent=`echo "scale=2; 100*$max/$total" | bc`
printf "$minpercent\\\\%% for \\\\textsf{${names[minf]}\\\\-XPath} and " >&2
printf "$minpercent\\\\%% for \\\\textsf{${names[minf]}\\\\-XPath} and~" >&2
printf "$maxpercent\\\\%% for \\\\textsf{${names[maxf]}\\\\-XPath}" >&2
# printf '"\\\\textit{Combined}"'
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