Commit 7649d497 authored by David BAELDE's avatar David BAELDE

Fix copy-paste error from e343ed11

parent 1946ef32
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ all: extensions.xml gains-ext.tex countfuns_all.dat countfuns_xslt.dat countfuns
countfuns_all.dat: $(wildcard ../../benchmark/*-full.xml)
grep 'type="\(xslt\|xquery\)"' ../tex/benchmarks-all-full.xml | \
sed -e 's/.*href="\(.*\.xml\)".*/\1/' | \
XPPSUF="xquery" xargs ./
XPPSUF="all" xargs ./
countfuns_xslt.dat: $(wildcard ../../benchmark/*-full.xml)
grep 'type="xslt"' ../tex/benchmarks-all-full.xml | \
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