Commit 9529a1a7 authored by David BAELDE's avatar David BAELDE

tools/tex/Makefile: better handling of matrix dependencies

parent 52417520
......@@ -3,15 +3,16 @@ all: dist.dat axis-count.tex size-gte-100.tex matrices xslt.dat xqy.dat
BENCHMARKS=benchmarks-all.xml \
benchmarks-xslt-full.xml benchmarks-xslt.xml \
benchmarks-xquery-full.xml benchmarks-xquery.xml
matrices: $(BENCHMARKS)
matrices: $(BENCHMARKS) $(wildcard ../../relaxng/fragments-*.xml)
rm -f matrix_*_*.tex
touch $@
# Remove generated files
clean: miniclean
rm -f dist.dat axis-count.tex size-gte-100.tex captured_dist.dat
rm -f matrix_*_*.tex totals_*_*.tex
rm -f matrix_*_*.tex totals_*_*.tex matrices
# Remove some generated files that are not useful as end products
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