Commit ca9efe62 authored by Sylvain Schmitz's avatar Sylvain Schmitz

put schema meta-data in XML format

parent b5227f63
......@@ -17,13 +17,13 @@
<!-- extract benchmark data -->
<uptodate property="extracted">
<srcfiles dir="./" includes="matrix.xsl"/>
<srcfiles dir="./" includes="${project.root}/xslt/matrix.xsl"/>
<srcfiles dir="${bench.dir}" includes="${xml}.xml"/>
<mergemapper to="${target.dir}/${xml}/matrix.json"/>
<target name="matrix" depends="saxon" unless="extracted">
<mkdir dir="${target.dir}/${xml}"/>
<xslt style="matrix.xsl"
<xslt style="${project.root}/xslt/matrix.xsl"
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