Commit d0d9571a authored by Anthony Lick's avatar Anthony Lick

Improve first table

Add 'or-self' cases in legend, remove extra 'descendant'...
parent 4f6a36d0
......@@ -27,13 +27,16 @@ printf '\\toprule\n'
printf 'Axis & XSLT & XQuery & Total \\\\\n'
printf '\\midrule\n'
axis_list=("ancestor" "attribute" "child" "descendant" "following" "following-sibling" "namespace" "parent" "descendant" "preceding" "preceding-sibling" "self")
axis_list=("ancestor" "attribute" "child" "descendant" "following" "following-sibling" "namespace" "parent" "preceding" "preceding-sibling" "self")
for axis in ${axis_list[*]}
printf '\\texttt{'
printf $axis
printf '}'
if [ $axis = "ancestor" ] || [ $axis = "descendant" ]; then
printf '(\\texttt{-or-self})'
printf ' & '
# XSLT files
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